Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Autohire work?
    Autohire sources your vacancy to Kickstart Leaders(Freelance sourcers), who schedule interviews using their referral network and get paid for relevant interviews and joining. As soon as your vacancy is visible to them, the Leaders start scheduling interviews.
  • How fast does the first interview happen?
    Once your vacancy is onboarded, the Leaders start scheduling interviews for the dates selected by you. This generally takes 48-72 hours after you have created your vacancy.
  • What happens when i don’t find a candidate relevant?
    We totally understand that all the candidates you interview will not be relevant for the profile. You can regularly share your feedback with us. You only pay for relevant candidates.
  • What is Interview OTP?
    On the day of the interview, we share OTPs to be shared with candidates during interviews. There OTPs help us identify the candidates who turned up for the interview and keep track of them for effective scheduling in future. This OTP should be shared with every candidate who turns up for Interview.
  • What are interview and joining commissions?
    Interview Commissions are spent when a relevant candidates appears for interview. Joining Commission is spent when a candidate works for 15 days after joining. You can always mark appropriate feedback on the dashboard.
  • When will you be charged for interview?
    You will be charged for interview if a candidate matches all the objective criteria you have entered in your JD(for example, education qualification, job trade, years of experience, salary, location etc). You will be charged for interview even if candidate is not selected by you because he did not meet some subjective criteria (eg. attitude, clothing, cultural alignment, communication etc)
Pricing Plans
  • How do Kickstart Autohire plans work?
    Our plans enable you to hire candidates at a pace decided by you. We start scheduling candidates as fast as 48 hours after your vacancy is created. Each plan is bound by a validity ranging from 1 to 12 months.
  • What does validity mean and how it works?
    Your vacancy listing is visible to our sourcers during the validity period. After your validity expires the visibility on our platform will be limited and no interviews will be scheduled.
  • What are Hiring Credits? Where can I track them?
    The credits you purchase with each plan are added to your Autohire wallet. These are spent on relevant interviews and joining. You can always visit the My Wallet page to track your wallet balance.
  • What happens to the hiring credits if the plan validity has expired?
    If you have some credits left in your wallet, you can either extend your validity by purchasing a suitable plan or withdraw the redeemable amount.
  • What happens if my credits are exhausted before plan validity expiry?
    You can always recharge your wallet with appropriate Top Up amount. This Top Up only adds credits to your wallet and does not extend your validity. However, you can buy plans to extend your validity anytime.
  • What are the benefits of this pricing structure?
    The pricing structure makes you feel at peace during the hiring process. The plans are designed to run without repeat Top Ups but are subject to scheduling and joinings.